We strive to give better options and also to discover new possibilities, innovative ideas and latest solutions not only through medicines to the healthcare providers and patients, but also to do anything related towards boosting Malaysia to be a top Medical-hub leader globally.

We disrupt the conventional medical distribution industry with co-partnership with the renowned MedKad technology platform (an app-based medical benefits management and automation system). Among our other innovative solutions are partners are knowledge transfer for local manufacturing of highly in-demand medical device, Natrox and Agicoat.

MediCara possess all the licenses required by the government to operate in the industry

  • Medical Device Authority (MDA) – as Malaysian government’s authorised representative, importer and distributor (Sijil Pendaftaran Peranti Perubatan)
  • License A, Pharmacist’s Poison License as a wholesaler to import, store, and deal generally in all medical poisons related (Lesen Racun Jenis A - Pemborong).
  • Dangerous Drugs Wholesale License (Lesen Pihak Berkuasa Kawalan Dadah – Pemborong).
  • Ministry of Finance Certificate to supply medical equipments (Sijil Kementerian Kewangan).
  • Bumiputera Certificate to act as Bumi Agent (Sijil Pendaftaran Syarikat Bumiputera).

The Team

In Medicara Sdn Bhd, with the team's diverse experience and high determination our vision is to be among the top companies in delivering comprehensive healthcare provider.


Managing Director

Graduated from IIUM and prior to focus in healthcare industry, Faizal has been working in various industries such as airlines, legal publisher and banking industries. Previous attachment was as Head of Account and Finance in Tamasetia Resources Sdn Bhd, one of the well-known bumi agents in Malaysia healthcare industry. He has 7 years experience in healthcare industry and medicine market especially in sourcing from international manufacturers and distributors. His accounting and finance experience is the key to steer MediCara forward.

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Director of Sales and Marketing

He graduated in 1990 and has been working in pharmaceutical industries for 19 years, since 2001. Munir has very vast experience in pharmaceuticals industries and held numerous positions upon joining MediCara. Previously he held position as Regional Sales Manager in Ranbaxy (M) Sdn Bhd, one of well-known pharmaceuticals manufacturing companies. Since 2013, he was responsible for product awareness and non-tender products (direct purchase) and managed to increase product awareness of the usage of Gliclazide MR 30mg in the main district hospitals, also in district healthcare clinics. He has been awarded the outstanding sales performance of the year 2005, 2010, 2016 and 2017 and also received 2009 and 2010 Team Excellence award for Ranbaxy Appreciate Programme.


Director of Business Development

Rozman has been working in pharmaceuticals industries since 1992. He has 35 years vast experience in pharmaceuticals industries and previously held position as Regional Sales Manager in Ranbaxy (M) Sdn Bhd. In 2013, he led a team for a medical technology breakthrough of simvastatin 10mg in the general or district hospitals and healthcare clinics which led to the government to rely on its usage and being called for Ministry of Health tender. He successfully led a team in converting usage of atorvastatin from Lipitor to Storvas in major hospitals in Northern and East Coast states in Peninsular Malaysia, for better healthcare of our communities

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Senior Pharmacist

She graduated in Master of Pharmacy from University of Strathclyde and is the core pharmacist of MediCara. She has 17 years experience in pharmaceutical field under her portfolio; started as a junior pharmacist in Assunta Hospital. She then had responsible as the front-liner pharmacist, advised and dispensed drugs to customers at Prima Health Pharmacy prior to focus on medical distribution and supply chain industry with Green Park Pharmacy Sdn Bhd and Gmedes Sdn Bhd. Her attachment with MediCara will definitely make the team more dynamic and diverse.

Firdaus Alwi

Executive Director

Firdaus has in-depth passion in innovation of Industrial Revolution 4.0 being an engineer himself. He will capitalize his 13 years experience as Smart City technologist to revolutionize medical industry i.e. system automation, big data, smart sensors. He was as an electrical engineering graduate from University Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN).

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Faiz Mokhtar

Executive Director

He is a chartered accountant by profession, graduated from CIMA, UK as well as MBA from Australia. Faiz is a serial entrepreneur, and have developed several successful businesses throughout his 14 years of business journey. Leveraging his core competencies in management accounting, he formed Modkha Group (of which is the parent company of MediCara).

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To be the Leader in providing Affordable Quality Healthcare products. To always be the first to introduce and implement Value Added Solutions to the ever-changing Medical Industry.

Our Vision

Our Mission

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We strive to serve as an effective and efficient partner in delivering 'Value' to the Healthcare Industry. To always 'CARE' by cultivating long-term relationships with our customers and principles - 'The MediCARA way'.